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Brand-spanking new conversation pages

One of the best things about Bling is that you get to have amazing conversations around products. You ask questions, you get answers, you give your opinions. These conversations around products were scattered around the site, on individual purchases and wishes, and it was really tough to get an idea of what everyone was saying about a specific product. But no more!

Our new product pages show the conversations around products. If you’re looking for a few examples of how these look, check out the page for the iPhone 4S (here’s the brand-spanking new iPhone 5 too), the Kindle Fire or the tremendously popular Garnier’s BB Cream. Now it’s easy to see what people truly think about their purchases and wishes, to see what everyone’s opinion is, and to participate in the discussions.

We hope you like this new feature as much as we do, and keep an eye out for more updates – we’ve been working on some pretty exciting things.

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Facebook Open Graph integration

Open Graph

If you typically share your purchases and wishes on Facebook, you’ll be glad to know that our integration with the Facebook Timeline is now revamped! This means that when you add things to Bling and choose to share on Facebook too, you now get a box on your Facebook profile that looks a bit like the one above. Happy sharing!

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Add to Bling from any site

We’ve been working on a bookmarklet that lets you add to your purchase or wish list on Bling from any site. You can grab it over at our tools page (remember to login first!). You can drag the bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmarks bar, and you’ll get a new “Bling it!” link which you can click on any site in order to add things to Bling. Here’s an example of how it looks:

Bookmarklet 3c5ec260702d8dfab0bf7b9521399b5a

As always, let us know if you have any feedback regarding the new bookmarklet or Bling in general. We’re on twitter at @blingapp, and you can always email us at Thanks!

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Recommendations, grids and more!

It’s been a few busy weeks since we all rolled into 2012! If you’ve been following the announcements on the Bling sidebar you already know most of this stuff, but here’s a glimpse of what’s new:

Grid: Exploring the timeline, visually

Earlier this week we launched a new way to browse the public timeline. We’re putting it out there as a bit of a test to get your feedback, but anyone can access it just by hitting the new tab on the timeline navigation (or clicking here). Here’s what you see if you do:


We believe this is a much better way to look at what people are adding. We’re also letting you “like” purchases or wishes straight from this grid too. Let us know what you think about the grid by emailing us or getting in touch on twitter.

Recommendations engine

One of the most interesting things about Bling is that it makes it easy to find out about things you might like. We’re now going a bit further and suggesting things you might like straight from the sidebar too (example: check out items on Bling similar to the Canon 7D by clicking here).

We’re also suggesting people similar to you (and your friends) on any user profile (here’s mine – you’ll notice there’s people similar to me on the sidebar), to make it easier to follow people with whom you might share interests. We think this is going to make Bling even more exciting.

Wrapping up, for now

Here on the Bling team, we’re super excited about these changes, and we hope you are too. Let us know if you have any thoughts on what we’re doing well, or what we’re doing poorly! We’re all ears. Enjoy!

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The Bling Gift guide to Designer Gifts

Christmas is drawing near, and we have a couple more posts in our Gift Guide series to inspire you if you’re in need of last-minute shopping inspiration for the people in your life. Today, we’re all about gifts for designers or the design-inclined. This list, written and curated by Rita Branco of Brash&Vulgar is all about things that make designers weep of joy. Read on!


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The Bling Gift guide to Electronics

On our third installment of the Bling Gift Guide series we’ll be diving into electronics. From personal favorites to crowd pleasers we’ve got all the hot gadgets of the year in here.

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The Bling Gift guide to Women’s Fashion

As you may know, we’re running a series of guests posts by friends and members of the Bling community on some of the best gifts for this Christmas. If you’re looking for a bit of extra inspiration on what to give someone special, this post includes 10 items for the fashion-fiend women in your life, curated by Carolina Flores of the fashion blog Last Minute Dreams. If you missed friday’s post on Beauty by Maria Marques, check it out by clicking here. So, with no further ado, here are Carolina and Last Minute Dreams’ suggestions for fashion gifts.


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The Bling Gift guide to Beauty

One of the great things about Bling is how it lets you discover new products. We also want to, from time to time, invite people to share things they love. Since it’s christmas, we asked a few friends to help us craft a Bling Gift Guide for 2011. This first installment, on beauty products, is curated by Maria Marques who runs an amazing portuguese blog on the topic at The Beauty Routine. Here are her tips on beauty gifts for men and women.


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Just launched: Windows Phone 7 app

Many of you have been using our iPhone and Android apps already. If, however, you were on a Windows Phone 7 smartphone, you weren’t as lucky. But today we have good news – joining our iPhone and Android apps, the WP7 mobile application for Bling just hit the Windows Phone Marketplace. It can be downloaded by clicking here. As always, updated information on all our official mobile apps is available on our mobile apps page. Here’s a video of our new Windows Phone 7 app in action:

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Just launched: Widgets

Our plan for Bling was never to build a data silo. We want to make it extremely easy to add the things you buy to Bling, and to maintain a wishlist of the things you want – but we also want to make it easy for you to use that data in as many ways as possible, or get it out if that’s what you wish to do. Today, we took a step in that direction by launching our new Javascript widgets.


These widgets let you add your Bling data to your website or blogs by simply copying a couple of lines of code. These widgets will look very much like the image above when added to your website. You can configure a few options, so be creative! Login to Bling and then visit our widget configuration page to get started! We’re always available to help if you need extra guidance, by emailing us at or reaching out on Twitter – We’re at @blingapp.

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